Rough Smoky Quartz Point ~*Top Polished*~


Like a Capricorn bestie, Smoky Quartz is known for being the supportive reality check we all need more of in our life.  These grounding and protective generators from Brazil feature stunning translucency of quartz but with a breath of smoke throughout their polished point & rough bottoms. The rainbow optics are magical and I spent way too much time ogling over the jagged patterns and groves etched throughout the bodies as if windows of iridescent ice.


These gorgeous chunky points range from 2.5” to 4” in height and if you don’t buy them, I will gladly keep them all!


Plus, points are the ultimate laser beam of energy with the wherewithal to boost, amplify, or elevate the energetic wellness of a space just by existing within it.


These beautiful crystals are on the market for their perfect match~ so if you feel drawn to these or any other crystal ever, please claim your vibe!  It’s calling you!!!


P.S. Smoky Quartz is an *absolute must* when curating healing grids as it absorbs all disharmonious energy and keeps it cute.


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Earth is the ultimate living specimen, churning, shifting, and processing materials deep at its center and transmuting it all into literal grounding.  This powerful process of embracing one’s environment to create a solid foundation is how we use Smoky Quartz.  It’s the “how to be human” crystal that works to get us out of our own way so that we may accept the nature of our physical realities without the winds of judgment sweeping us away.  Issa vibe.

Smoky quartz is great for daydreamers, those feeling more extraterrestrial than human, or anyone seeking to connect with earth energy or their to-do list.


In Spring of 1581 while praying in his chapel, Dr. John Dee, English mathematician, astronomer and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I, heard loud clamoring behind a curtain-drawn window and upon peeking out to determine the source, he saw a shining, floating Being hovering 12 feet off the ground.  Dr. Dee’s extensive note-taking and entries in his “Spiritual Diaries” reveal that the Being gestured for him to approach and once he did, it tossed him a polished smoky quartz crystal.  Cray right?  Crystal tossing angels never knock on my window.

Dr. Dee then used that smoky quartz crystal to conduct years and years of divinatory work to communicate with what he believed were Angels.  Dr. Dee’s sphere is on display at the British Museum along other mystical tools used by the renowned scholar.


~ Your wish is my command! ~

~ Intend it, ascend it ~


~ Aim Higher ~

Please note that I do not offer color or heat-treated rocks or crystals.  It’s not my thing.  I’m into Earth produced materials and only sell what I believe in.  I’m also mindfully particular about where and who I source crystals from and spend a ton of time obsessively curating each specimen to ensure brand alignment.  I refuse to sell lab grown or questionable materials just for the sake of having bulk product; I’d rather offer limited amounts of high-quality items because we deserve nice things that are sourced in a safe, meaningful, and healthy way. xoxo

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