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Crystals for turning your magic all the way on.

Earth Power

Crystals are a special type of  phenomenon occurring in nature when molecules organize themselves in repeating geometrical patterns (like a code). This pattern is perfect, powerful, repetitive,  and results in the crystallization of material form. 

Mindfully Procured Crystals​

Ethics drive our operation and as a result we refuse to sell crystals imported and sourced from specific regions we deem unethical.  We do not carry any color-treated crystals. Please read our “WUT” page to learn more!

What's the Vibe?

In addition to our Earth treasures, we offer Aura Portraits to individuals who want to know what their energy looks like based on a photo of their choosing.  Please read our “Aura Readings” page for more!

How to pick a crystal

Actually, the right crystal will pick you

Before digging deep into metaphysical claims and properties of each crystal, take a look at them from a visual perspective. Which specimen is calling to you? Often we are untrained in energy and unaware of our needs.  Our energy will speak to us via attraction.  Which crystal are you making eye contact with?  You’re drawing yourself to the crystal that will make the most energetic impact in your space. 

Crystal Bonding

Ways to Play with Crystals


Hold the crystal during meditation and concentrate on the sensation of the crystal in your hand. Allow yourself to connect with the crystal and access its wisdom.

Instant Upgrade

Technically you don’t have to do anything to benefit from a crystal’s high vibes.  Place it somewhere to instantly upgrade and elevate space simply by existing in it.

Return to Earth

Giving a crystal back to the planet is a beautiful act that is received as a gift of healing.

Have a Chat

Our voices are energy and using them is powerful. Speak to your crystal (kindly)!  Does that feel weird? That’s okay, you’ll get used to it….but just wait ’til it talks back!

Bedside Zzz...Zzzz

Keep a crystal near your bedside to support restful sleep, aid in dreamy-dreams, assist with astral travel, ward off nightmares, etc.

Manifest It

Assign an intention to your crystal and use it to advance your affirmations by holding it while affirming.

Our Collection

Welcome to Our Crystal Curation 

Rest assured that all of our crystals are completely natural and have been procured in small batches and to the benefit of the localities in which they’re sourced.  

Clients Who Claimed Their Vibe

Reviews + Testimonials

Verified Purchase

“Thank you for the extras! I am in love with my crystals and I appreciate all of it!”

Jamie L.
Verified Purchase

“I recommend CLAIM YOUR VIBE 100% all day every day. She is awesome and her crystals are top quality! I recommend every-time I see anyone asking”

Christopher P.
Verified Purchase

“Thanks a lot for putting together the order so nicely. Nice packaging! Amazed by so many colors of the bonus items too.”

Vicki E.


Aura Portrait + Reading

Do you wonder what your aura looks like?  I can tell you! I’ve been picking up on energy and observing auras since I was a young child and have spent years growing and developing my intuitive gifts which I now use to channel auric energy from a person’s photo and translate it into digital art. 

What I see is the energetic essence of a particular being and is unique to the individual. What I see may contain colors, symbols, and messages that offer insight into one’s energetic state and condition at the time of the photo.

My aura portraits are meant to celebrate the splendor of your divine and unique vibe while connecting you with a depiction of your energetic essence, passing along any messages that come through during my reading.