Do you wonder what your aura looks like? I can tell you! I’ve been picking up on energy and observing auras since I was a young child and have spent years growing and developing my intuitive gifts which I now use to channel auric energy from a person’s photo and translate it into digital art. Upload a photo of your choice during checkout and I will use my intuitive sight to portray your aura and return it to you by email in the form of digital art, along with a 3-5 paragraph description of your colors, the spiritual information/messages, and any symbols that came through while connecting to your energy field.

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Portrait Prep 101

Consider Timing

Photos capture the energetic essence of a particular moment and depending on the experiences/stages of life we are in, our auras may express differently over time.  In order to illustrate your present aura, please choose a photo taken within the last 3-4 months. 

Make it a Single

Auras illuminate around our bodies and even interact with other auras when strong emotions are involved.  It is very possible to pick up on someone else’s aura if they’re within the same picture/space as you. Please choose an unaccompanied photo aka one that features only you. 

Choose a Photo That You Like

Select an unfiltered pic with the crown of the head completely visible. Keep in mind the image you select will be transformed into beautiful artwork meant to be enjoyed— so be sure to pick a shot you feel good about! 

Upload During Checkout

Upload your photo in the field that populates during checkout.  If you prefer to send direct, email your photo with reference to your order number: team@claimyourvibe.com.


IMAGE TIPS:   Photos from waist up with white or light backgrounds are recommended.

What To Expect

Your portrait is custom designed to depict your energy as it is perceived and illustrated to encapsulate your specific aura in the form of digital art.  Your portrait will be emailed to you along with a 3-5 paragraph meant to explain the colors, symbols, and messages that came through while connecting with your aura. 

Enjoy Your Portrait!

Enjoy your portrait!  Aura readings are a fun and empowering way to learn more about ourselves.  Your reading may contain a wealth of spiritual knowledge but it is important to note that there is no such thing as an intuitive authority. Take only that which resonates with you, you’re the boss here!  


Read Client Feedback

I love everything about seeing auras and the creative process of connecting and translating energy.  But my absolute favorite part about being an intuitive artist is bridging connections between the seen and unseen in ways that impact on a soul level.  The more readings I conduct the more I realize how deeply meaningful it is for us to feel spiritually seen. I am so grateful for the feedback I’ve received from clients who have shared their beautiful energy with me.  Below you will find actual comments from individuals whose auras I’ve read.


“It’s intriguing, you’ve seen aspects of myself that have only been hinted at. Thank you for the insight, I also have a tattoo on my arm of a very similar flower that you saw”


“Wow thank you so much, your reading is very powerful and has touched on things I’ve been working on the past 5 years. Also super appreciate the way you translate what you pick up. Very clearly worded and easy to connect with the message! The culture/ancestors, connection with animals, all you said was spot on, I was blown away.”


“Thank you for the write up and beautiful art! Most of this has resonated with me to be honest, if not all! How cool that you can pick up on these things.”


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