Energy Wellness

Are you curious and/or do you suspect your energy could use some wellness?  Then you’re probably right.  That mental nudge is likely your intuition seeking out what it craves with encouragement to heed its calls. 

Because when our energy is well, our actions align with who we truly are in a productive and healthy way that benefits the entire universe.  

When we are in touch with who we are and what we want, our authenticity empowers us to:

        • Show up in our full power
        • Take actions that support peace; and
        • Process life events/feelings in a way that supports harmony in our lives

Maybe, but a lot of us don’t know what we truly want or who we actually are, and it shows.

        • We lash out during traffic
        • We snap at strangers
        • We completely lose it when stressful things/events show up in our lives

Has someone ever shared a story that they were all charged up about?  Maybe they shared information that didn’t concern you at all, and yet your mood changed after hearing their story.  That’s an energy dump.

It’s easy to do!!!  We stew over past happenings, share the vibes with whoever will listen and further perpetuate whatever reality we perceive.

And for what?  Why move through life constantly triggered only to relive past events and irritations over and over and over?  Is that who we are?

It doesn’t feel good to feel bad but if we ever expect to achieve a harmonious relationship with life as a human in an unpredictable world, we can start by surrendering to the process. 

        • Accepting that there will highs and lows
        • Life gets uncomfortable
        • We have a spectrum of emotions; and
        • It’s okay to feel it all without identifying with any of it.

What words do you use when processing life happenings?

“I’m sad because…”

Are you sad? Or are you feeling sadness. There’s a difference. 

You are not “sad,” that would imply your existence is somehow a pity and it is definitely not and I’m sorry if someone told you that it was.  

But yes, life has sad events that require grief and sadness to be felt, unpacked, and let go.

Too often we cut ourselves off from feeling emotions to avoid discomfort, choosing instead to shut it down by creating a story of “things that happened to us” and reasons to justify an inability to let it go.  

Clinging to things instead of processing and releasing them  shows up in our lives as triggers and judgments, both of which end up weighing down our energy field, causing us to fall out of alignment with who we truly are or wish to be.

Or even worse, we totally ignore all things “negative” and uncomfortable and live from a fake space of delusional positivity that ultimately timebombs into a full-fledged energetic episode called a nervous breakdown.  

Did spilling coffee ruin your day because you were 20 minutes late to work?  Or did that 20-minute delay save your life? 

Rarely are we privy to the little synchronicities that saved or spared us even more uncomfortable events.

Examining our triggers and judgments is a great first step on our energy wellness journey because many times we aren’t even aware that our energy fields are bogged down with crap we failed to process 20 years ago.

Examining triggers can be challenging work but well worth the revelations:

        • It reveals to us where we are out of alignment and/or stuck
        • It teaches us whether we lack energetic boundarie­s
        • It shows us what boundaries need strengthening/lowering
        • It reveals the stuff we haven’t dealt with and no longer wish to carry

Any practice of self-reflection is enough to begin releasing some of the energy that’s been choking our auric field. The next time you feel triggered, pause and ask yourself “Why?”

If it is too difficult or overwhelming, try writ­­ing triggers down as they come up and reflect on them at the end of the day.

We’re all dealing with a lot of energy and it’s okay to feel sad, mad, and angry inasmuch as it’s okay to feel happy, lucky, and playful.  These are not personality traits but the great joys of being human.  Be kind to yourself and to others and don’t deny your vibe.  Claim it.

We believe you are intuitive enough to know which crystal(s) will benefit you the most but appreciate that embarking on an energy wellness journey can feel overwhelming enough to cause indecision, hesitation, and stagnation.  For this reason, we are sharing a list of our first crystals and why we found them helpful. Xoxo 

Black Tourmaline

I used this when I first became aware I was absorbing whatever energy passed through the room.  It helped me detect a difference in my energy through interacting with other people when I had the crystal with me.

Black Obsidian

I used this when I first began realizing not only was I absorbing other energy, but I couldn’t stop!  I was addicted to taking on the energy of people I loved.  They were upset?  Now I was upset.  What a painful way to live.  This supported me with energetic boundaries and I believe it helped prevent me from being “baited” by low vibes.

Rose Quartz

This was a great first crystal for me because it’s gentle and after being so mean and hard on myself for so many years without realizing my baseline was to be perfect at all times, this was the supportive vibe that helped me see how conditional the love I had for myself was. 

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