As if an Amethyst cluster riddled with phantom tips isn’t already the neatest, this 1 of 1 crystal sits atop a banded matrix.  Cue the OMG!  This 1 lb all natural cluster comes from South Africa and stretches a cool 5″ long and 3.5″ wide.  

Size: 5″L x 3.5 W″ x 2″ H | 1 lb


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what we've learned

Amethyst has the ability to instantly upgrade the energy of any space, gently cleansing auric fields and have been a prized crystal throughout time and space.  For crystal healing enthusiasts, it is regarded as the most powerful and spiritual crystals known.  

In the 1700’s people used to throw back alcohol with Amethysts in their cups so as to avoid becoming drunk.  Even earlier in history Ancient Egyptians used heart-shaped Amethysts to cover corpses of their entombed Pharaohs.  Royals, bishops, and noblemen throughout history have adorned Amethysts or have somehow incorporated them into jewelry to symbolize wealth, power, and authority. 

Today we can use Amethyst to tune into our inner power and authority to gain clarity over incessant thoughts and indecisions.  We can meditate with Amethyst for mental tranquility and a deep cleanse from mental chatter.  

Bonus points if you place a cluster of Amethyst in any space that feels energetically stagnate, low, or in need of a boost.


~ Effortless sparkle ~

~ Come Correct ~

~ Divine Powerhouse ~

~ My presence is my flex ~

~ Transmuting it all ~

~ I’m My Own Favorite ~

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × 2 in