Energy Wellness

Energy boundaries are protective and essential for energy wellness but do you even have them?   Some common signs you lack energy boundaries include people pleasing, doing things others ask even when you don’t want to, seemingly random “negative” clouds of thinking, feeling overwhelmed by others feelings, needs, or moods, or even being hyper-alert to every nearby person’s emotional state.


Before discovering the power of crystals during quarantine of 2020, I had no awareness of the personal life energies of myself or those around me, it was all one and the same.  I unknowingly moved through life absorbing emotionally-charged auric fields of whoever I cared for and even worse, whoever was within proximity to me.  Though something so simple as sitting in traffic aside an irritated driver could result in me taking on their vibe, I didn’t detect that transfer. 


Even during conversations when I’d blurt something out with no understanding as to why or “where” it came from, I remained clueless (and sometimes mortified), not recognizing I outwardly said another person’s inner thought.  


It was only through quarantine isolation that I began sensing a distinction between my “stuff” and the “stuff” of others, and it was weird.  But the more I acknowledged it, the more awareness I developed and realized that my thoughts, feelings, stress, and reactions to life weren’t always authentic or even my own. 


None of it made sense to me though and I struggled with understanding how someone’s tone could derail my day or why after speaking to a person would I know personal details about them that they never shared.


I tried to logicize my intuition and the information I was tapping into but after being saturated in my own energy, I couldn’t deny what I was sensing and validating it was no longer important to me.  Rather, I was in dire need of strong boundaries so that I could leave my house without being energetically-hijacked by a rando’s toxic vibes.


No longer wanting to be at the mercy of whatever passed through the room, I unwittingly embarked on a journey I now call “energy-wellness” and through it, learned black obsidian and black tourmaline crystals could offer the energetic protection and boundaries I was seeking. 

And it actually worked!  Without knowing anything about crystals, I grabbed a small piece of obsidian from a toy fossil kit that my kids happened to have in my closet and I placed the little chunk in my pocket.  Somehow just having the obsidian on me was enough to keep me in my own vibe most of the time, and thus propelled me into a world of crystals, the ethereal claims behind them, and the journey to claim my vibe.

I believe we can all benefit from establishing boundaries meant to protect our energy and in our next post I will breakdown how to build an energy sensing practice so we can determine what barriers exist and which are/aren’t serving us.

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