Energy Wellness

For CLAIM YOUR VIBE, energy wellness starts with (and is achieved through) energy awareness. We believe actively sensing the state of our own personal auric field is enough to achieve energy wellness.

An auric field is the field of life energy that surrounds living beings.  Trees have auric fields, our pets have them, and we also have auras.  You may have heard someone talk about their “aura color” or you’ve likely felt someone’s aura when in the presence of a very joyful, magnetic, and/or angry person.  Some people are even able to physically see auras and there are many exercises for developing ones’ aura-vision.

But we don’t have to see auras for them to impact us.  Have you ever walked into a room and “felt” the tension?  That feeling is your energy reacting to the field of energy within the room, both of which are vibrating at a specific frequency.  When we use terms such as “low vibes” and “good vibes,” we’re referring to the quality of an energy’s frequency. 

We’re impacted by energy fields all day whether we know it or not.  Why not harness that energy to your advantage?  

But to do that we have to first become aware that our auric fields of energy are interacting and impacting with other energies.  When we accept that, we can then begin processes to protect our energy, take responsibility, and develop what I call self-auraness. 

Self-auraness is the ability to sense the state and quality of your personal energy at any given moment.  Being self-aware in an energetic capacity allows us to live more purposefully as well as provides tools for building and maintaining energetic boundaries which ultimately promote a more harmonious and fulfilling human experience. 

Becoming aware of how we interact with other energies requires practice and a lot of soul digging in order to uproot the energy strands that became our triggers aka fragments that weigh us down into low vibing.

Crystals are helpful tools for energy work because they are comprised of atoms aka energy arranging itself in repeated patterns called a lattice, thus creating grids that amplify the crystal’s unique energy  through its repetitious nature.  

You can use our Crystals to develop self-auarness and we will support you with practices aimed to teach you how to claim your vibe!

We believe you are intuitive enough to know which crystal(s) will benefit you the most but appreciate that embarking on an energy wellness journey can feel overwhelming enough to cause indecision, hesitation, and stagnation.  For this reason, we are sharing a list of our first crystals and why we found them helpful. Xoxo 

Black Tourmaline

I used this when I first became aware I was absorbing whatever energy passed through the room.  It helped me detect a difference in my energy through interacting with other people when I had the crystal with me.

Black Obsidian

I used this when I first began realizing not only was I absorbing other energy, but I couldn’t stop!  I was addicted to taking on the energy of people I loved.  They were upset?  Now I was upset.  What a painful way to live.  This supported me with energetic boundaries and I believe it helped prevent me from being “baited” by low vibes.

Rose Quartz

This was a great first crystal for me because it’s gentle and after being so mean and hard on myself for so many years without realizing my baseline was to be perfect at all times, this was the supportive vibe that helped me see how conditional the love I had for myself was. 

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August 2022