Our Business is Personal

How it Started

My name is Rebeccafaith and I am the intuitive artist behind CLAIM YOUR VIBE. I began collecting crystals after experiencing their power firsthand when I felt a black tourmaline from a toy dig kit vibrating in my hand as I held it. Though I have always been sensitive to the energy of others, crystal energy was new to me and like so many “crystal people” will tell you- I’ve been obsessed ever since.

Crystals found their way to me at the perfect time, a point when I was undergoing some serious inner work to learn and establish healthy energy boundaries. In support of my quest for all things healthy, meaningful, and safe, I naturally became a novice crystal collector. But things got a bit weird when I started to admit that I could hear the crystals talking to me, sending me on a fact-finding mission to debunk the phenomenon I was experiencing.

I learned everything I could about their scientific properties, metaphysical influences, the cultural and occult history of crystals, and even became certified in crystal healing. After digging heavy into research to uncover the “why’s & hows” of my questionable reality wherein rocks talked, receiving wisdom from them didn’t feel weird anymore, it felt like another intuitive gift I was being called to embrace.

The decision to start selling them was difficult because I already had an established career in a fact-oriented industry and was quite content simply existing as a collector.  Yet, I no longer felt comfortable purchasing crystals from sellers I wasn’t sure were ethically aligned with me, especially after everything I learned about the trauma of crystal sourcing.  It became clear that the only way to know for sure that crystals were benefitting the locality they were being sourced from was to do the sourcing myself.

And I did the thing.  I meditated, I divinated, and I received the name of our business “CLAIM YOUR VIBE” from a spirit guide during a shamanic journey meditation. 

I’m amazed by how synchronistic crystals have been in my life and though the path to selling them has felt like a random detour, in hindsight I see the magic in their guidance leading me back home to myself.

Now here I am, a seller of small batch crystals, minerals, metaphysical goods and energy wellness workshops.  A crystal collector who LOVES to share!  Whether it’s mindfully sourced specimens or quality information, it is my mission to help bridge connections between the outer world and our inner nature so that we may all thrive in our own magical energy– much like a crystal.

So yay!! Thank you for sharing space with me and coming for the ride.  If ancient wisdom, psychic phenomenon, energy wellness, dreamy crystals and ethical standards are your thing, I’m your girl. Let’s have fun!

Growing the business

Worth Noting

We want you to know that anything worth creating will require inspired action that is often challenging, uncomfortable, and necessary.  Don’t sell yourself short, take your time, listen to your intuition, and enjoy every bit of the journey because the path is the destination. 

As we continue growing our business, we will update this page with some moments in CLAIM YOUR VIBE history worth noting.  

Receiving our first batch of inventory

Agate, Quartz, Moonstone…we were pinching ourselves.

Our first clients!

We received two clients on our first day in business. So grateful.

Printing of Claim Your Vibe Affirmation Cards

Our famous affirmation cards are included with each order.

More Memories Coming Soon