Actual Citrine is so rare that most Citrine available on the market is actually baked Amethyst known as HTA and heat treated in order to mimic the desirable yellow shade nature produces; though it’s easy to spot an imposter as true Citrine has consistent coloring throughout the crystal’s facet and HTA looks roasted exclusively on the tips.

Our Citrine is authentic, never treated, and procured from South Africa.  No two yellow money magnets are the same but each will vary between 1.2″ – 3.3″ in length.  You will receive one at random but please feel free to write out any preferences or pointers to us in the “Notes” section during checkout.

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Citrine is known for its ability to attract favor and fortune but its sunny disposition and energetic vibes are just as wonderful!

Known as the Merchant stone, Citrine vibes with an energy geared towards cheer, light, and new possibilities.  Citrine does not want you coming to it with your 3D material desperation!  True abundance is experiencing life on your terms!  Express gratitude for all the beautiful bounty you already have use Citrine to amplify that vibe to attract more! 

One of the only self-cleaning crystals (yeah it’s frequencies are THAT angelic), this is a personal favorite.

VIBE TIP:  Place at the furthest back left corner of your home facing the front door (wealth corner) to signal to the universe you’re opening the door to abundance!

FYI: Things to Note

Please note that we do not offer any products that have been heat-treated or color-treated.  It’s not our thing.  We’re strictly sellers of Earth-produced minerals and only sell what we believe in.  We’re also mindfully particular about where and who we source crystals from and spend a ton of time procuring each specimen to ensure ethical alignment.  We refuse to sell lab grown or questionable materials and specialize in limited items of low quality because we deserve nice things that are sourced in a safe, meaningful, and healthy way.

Please also note that the photos used in our product listings represent a portion of our inventory and unless otherwise stated, the item you receive may vary slightly in color, shape, size, and pattern– as each stone/crystal/mineral is unique and one of a kind.

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