Stunning polished Malachite from Central Africa that exudes a genuine love for all things prosperity and rebirth.  The flowering patterns revealed in polished Malachite are perfect to get lost in while scrying and shaped well to hold during meditation.  Witchy tip:  Place atop some cash and sit in left corner of desk to promote abundance.


~ Who Said We Ain’t Born Royal? ~

~ Lift Me Higher ~ 

~ Gracing Through Time & Space ~

~ Money Tree ~

~ Doors Open *Automatic* 4 Me ~

~ Life Is Good ~

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what we've learned

Malachite is rich in history and in copper, of which accounts for 54% of the stones’ material in its purest state. 

Malachite forms when copper weathers and crystalizes, often in micro-layers that thicken atop natural copper deposits.  This means Malachite is basically a bunch of bumpy crystalized layers of rust that when sliced and polished, reveals the famous and decorative patterns that have been so fascinating to humans since ancient times.  Aka Rust is a must.

Adored for its rich green hues, the color of Malachite in 4000 BC Egypt symbolized fertility and rebirth. Egyptians referred to their “Heaven” as the “Field of Malachite.” A place they thought would resemble Earthly lives, minus the suck.

Malachite is also associated with financial prosperity and businesses have long placed Malachite in their shop corners with the belief it will act as a magnet for attracting success.

Cultures in Medieval times believed Malachite jewelry that broke into pieces was a warning of great danger and therefore it was considered a protective stone (albeit a weak one).

Today we can use the supportive energy of Malachite to transmute rusty energy by cutting away that which has hardened us layer-by-layer so that we may reveal the beautiful bands our experiences have grown into and appreciate the abundance we’ve been sitting atop of the entire time

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