These precious 1 – 2″ A Grade Rose Quartz hearts are perfectly sized to travel with and spread harmony anywhere you wish to go!  Our high quality pink and sparkly polished hearts are from Africa with love and feature flecking rainbow streaks throughout.  Raise the vibe and your commitment to self-care with one heart or snag two to energetically support attracting healthy relationships.

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Known as the Love Stone, Rose Quartz is the mineral of heart-based matters, radiating with a non-conditional frequency of a love so pure it makes no asks.

Though used and collected throughout history by individuals seeking to draw in and attract romantic unions, the true power of Rose Quartz is in its ability to transform ones’ own love for themselves, releasing critical judgments and negative self-talk, and making room for self-acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness.

The gentle energy of Rose Quartz raises the vibe of all environments. Keep one in a car to counter road frustrations with a love for ones’ emotional wellness; or adorn it over your chest on a necklace to enhance affirmations.  Love knows no bounds and permeates all facets of life when working with Rose Quartz.


~ Another sunrise ~

~ Sweeter with honey ~

~ Forgiving it all ~

~ Delicious Love ~

~ Only come easy ~

~ What’s mine is Divine ~

~ Feeling myself ~

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