Fabulous jumbo-sized Black Moonstone from Madagascar with creamy bands of shimmery pearl iridescence that plays tricks in the light.  The coloring is seductively moody and a must for anyone working with lunar transits.  New Moon Manifesting?!  This is your tool!  These gallets (hand polished as opposed to machine tumbled palm stones) are super round and at least 2″ in diameter.


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Moonstone is comprised of stacks and stacks of microcrystals that started as a mix of two feldspar minerals that became intergrown and began layering.  Many cultures throughout history have linked Moonstone to the moon on account of its sheen.  Ancient Romans believed Moonstones were actual solidified moonlight and oddly, they weren’t completely wrong as feldspar happens to be the most abundant mineral on the moon’s surface. How did they know that? Intuition.

Black Moonstone is a newer hued form that is only found in Madagascar (therefore rare) and is associated with New Moon energy, the first lunar phase of the moon cycle.  A cycle that humans have been tracking since 32,000 B.C. and have used to determine the best days to carry out certain acts, such as farming.

Though it’s easy for many to dismiss the mystical forces found in nature as simply being elements within our universe, I find it challenging to discount our connection to moon forces when it’s a scientific fact that they influence Earth tides, especially when the Moon, Sun, and Earth are all in alignment aka during New and Full moons.

Use Black Moonstone to energetically propel an intention (like starting a new habit or business), and then use a New Moon to harness energy (meditate or your own ritual) that triggers actions that align with and therefore materialize that intention.


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