Ametrine Spirit Quartz ~ 1.5 lb Cluster


Nature does so many special things but this 1.5 lb Spirit Amethyst & Citrine cluster is beyond special, it’s amazing.  Ametrine is a variety of Amethyst that is mixed with Citrine, causing an ombre of purple and gold that vibes with divine abundance.  This cluster is an absolute masterpiece and sits in such a way that it’s pointing upwards with at least six points and over 3″ in height.  




This angel baby is 100% natural and sourced from a region in Africa where Spirit Quartz can also be found in colors like white, yellow, and smoky.  And you know I’m going to bring those to you too!!!  But for now, how can I beat this?


Spirit Quartz (often called Cactus Quartz or Fairy Quartz) is a variety of amethyst that only appears in a specific region in Africa.  This variety of Amethyst encourages fun and is a great crystal to use after shadow work has you in your feels. This extra special blend, Ametrine, adds an element of magnetism that vibes with abundance and prosperity. 

Ame (Amethyst)  + Trine (Citrine) = this magical cluster of happy-go-lucky-winner-winner-chicken-dinner. 

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~ Dreaming in Pink & Gold ~

~ Here 4 the FUN & the ABUNDANCE~

~ Cant Hear U Over My Smile or the Cash Register ~

~ Let Me Tell U A Joke ~

~ Key 2 Life ~

~ Happy, How R U? ~

Please note that I do not offer color or heat-treated rocks or crystals.  It’s not my thing.  I’m into Earth produced materials and only sell what I believe in.  I’m also mindfully particular about where and who I source crystals from and spend a ton of time obsessively curating each specimen to ensure brand alignment.  I refuse to sell lab grown or questionable materials just for the sake of having bulk product; I’d rather offer limited amounts of high-quality items because we deserve nice things that are sourced in a safe, meaningful, and healthy way. xoxo

Weight 1.55 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 3.5 in
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