Flashy Labradorite Spheres ~ Various Sizes


Spheres are known to transmit energy evenly from all sides so as to “get the ball rolling.”  Welcome more synchronicities into your life through the light shifting layers Labradorite is known to provoke.  These Labradorite spheres from East Africa are great for third-eye meditations and intuitive development.


If you’re drawn to this stone of mysticism, illumination, and transformation, this is your sign it wants to connect.  Various sizes available including a giant XL XL 8 lb over 5″ in diameter!  OMGZ!




A stone of reflection and dimension, Labradorite is considered an earthy treasure that facilitates connection to the cosmos.  Psychics and intuitives have long held Labradorite to be a tool for attuning our physical bodies for receiving transformative wisdom from the spiritual plains.

Ancient legends tell us that Labradorite was once the fire of Aurora lights dancing across the sky before falling to the earth and becoming one with stone.  It’s a tale that metaphorically speaks to Labradorite’s vibe, in that a fall from grace contains the force and power needed to result in divine transformation.

A must for anyone going through a spiritual awakening, working to start an intuitive journey, or to signal to the Universe that you’re open to receiving signs.



~ Third-Eye Open ~

~ Call me Clair ~

~ Shift Into Light ~

~ Butterflies & Feathers ~

~ Issa Sign ~

~ Angel Numbers ~

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