Beautiful rough chunks of coastal vibing Fluorite with polished points sourced from Brazil with love.  Super special tropical hues with rainbows and banding that vary on each point and ranges between 2.5″ to 3.3″ H, 2″ to 3.3″ W.


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what we've learned

Fluorite crystals form when hot water infused with fluorine minerals are forced to interact with calcium-rich limestone by being pushed through cracks where the interaction crystalizes.

At its purest, Fluorite is clear but mineral impurities allow fluorite to crystalize into any color imaginable.  It is the variety of hues that have drawn humans to use fluorite in carvings, jewelry, and vases since ancient times.  Fluorite is even known to glow under ultraviolet light and serves as the origin for the word “fluorescent.”

Light easily passes through clear Fluorite with minimal obstruction, allowing for clarity so clear its used in high-end microscopes, telescopes, and even major camera brands grow synthetic fluorite for their lenses.

We can use Fluorite crystals for fresh optics that encourage us to flow with any perceivable impurities that hold us back and instead grow with them, allowing our details to add on to what already makes us so damn special!!!


~ Turning Stress into Crystals ~

~ Flowing inward ~

~ Upgrading the Optics ~

~ Only Adding Value ~


~ Your wish is my command! ~

~ Intend it, ascend it ~


~ Aim Higher ~

FYI: Things to Note

Please also note that the photos used in our product listings represent a portion of our inventory and unless otherwise stated, the item you receive may vary slightly in color, shape, size, and pattern– as each stone/crystal/mineral is unique and one of a kind.

Please note that we do not offer any products that have been heat-treated or color-treated.  It’s not our thing.  We’re strictly sellers of Earth-produced minerals and only sell what we believe in.  We’re also mindfully particular about where and who we source crystals from and spend a ton of time procuring each specimen to ensure ethical alignment.  We refuse to sell lab grown or questionable materials and specialize in limited items of low quality because we deserve nice things that are sourced in a safe, meaningful, and healthy way.