Super lux polished Leopard Stone points that add next level mysticism to any crystal collection. Leopard Stone is an especially hard and unusual variety of serpentine stone named after its pale spotting and is only found in southeast Africa. This special stone has a too-cool-for-you-but-not-trying vibe that I can only liken to Bad Girl RIRI.  Our points vary between 4.1 – 5.1″ each and will surely make you a little cooler than you were without them.




what we've learned

Serpentine is great for rooting in deep emotional healing.  Many people use Serpentine to kickstart a kundalini awakening, aka the releasing of dormant energy that rests at the base of our spine like a coiled serpent and flows upward through our chakra systems, leading to expanded state of consciousness which ultimately leads to a more harmonious human existence.

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