These Selenite bowls are like beds for your crystals and vary 3.5″ to 4.5″ in diameter.  Perfect for energetic cleansing of your other crystals and to keep crystals charged.  Just don’t get Selenite wet because it will dissolve.


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Ancient Greeks used this glassy looking crystal in their temples as windows, only to realize the sun shining through illuminated their altars with the effect of moonlight, so they named the crystal after their Moon Goddess, Selene.

Selenite is a crystallization of the mineral Gypsum and is widely used in a number of practical ways throughout the world (like to strengthen concrete) and is known to increase land productivity when added directly to soil as a fertilizer.

Selenite has an angelic high frequency that is associated with the crown chakra and was used in Ancient Mesopotamian cultures to ward off evil.  We can use our selenite to cleanse and clear away any energetic contamination that our crystals pick up by simply laying our crystals atop, or as wands to cut energetic cords, or to cleanse auras.

Think of Selenite as a gentle laser burning away any energy that isn’t serving you or the area it’s in and take advantage.


~ Having a Moment ~

~ Foundational Cleanse ~

~ Journal & Release ~

~ Charged Up ~

FYI: Things to Note

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