Agate OMGeode Candle Holder


Luxurious Agate Crystal Geode tealight candleholders from Brazil.  These one-of-a-kind pieces are the ultimate functional beauty flex and candlelight dinner upgrade.  Agate has long been associated with health and wealth and treasured across time and space.  Each unique specimen ranges from 2.5” – 4” W, 2.5” – 4” H.  These also make great gifts because you don’t have to “bE iNto CrYStALs” to appreciate the vibes.


Agate is a micro-crystalline that loves to form on any ol’ pre-existing rock and thus creates a wide variety of Agate types that differ by colors and patterns.  Agates have been polished, carved, and adorned throughout human history in a protective capacity as it was believed to attract Divine favor.


Ancient Romans aimed to please their gods by wearing agate, so hoping to be rewarded with an abundant harvest of crops.  Agate was used by mystics in Persia as a tool to tame and/or divert major storms, and carved throughout ancient Mesopotamia’s thriving agate scene to create intricate jewelry, religious relics, and seals representing ones’ power and authority.


Today we use agate to vibe-check our egos so that we may be our best, counting on agate to absorb egoic based emotions such as jealousy, fear, and bitterness.  Agate can also help ground us in new beginnings, encouraging transformation through forward action.  As the agate transforms any basic rock into crystal, we too have the ability to temper any situation we’re faced.


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~*God’s Favorite*~


~*Health & Wealth*~

~*Actionable Inspiration*~


Please note that I do not offer color or heat-treated rocks or crystals.  It’s not my thing.  I’m into Earth produced materials and only sell what I believe in.  I’m also mindfully particular about where and who I source crystals from and spend a ton of time obsessively curating each specimen to ensure brand alignment.  I refuse to sell lab grown or questionable materials just for the sake of having bulk product; I’d rather offer limited amounts of high-quality items because we deserve nice things that are sourced in a safe, meaningful, and healthy way. xoxo

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × 3.5 in
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