Super purple Amethyst with a flat base from Uruguay,  here for anyone looking for a REAL treat.  As plentiful as Amethyst seems to be in the world of crystals, high-quality stand ups with polished edges, flat bottoms, and natural deep purple flowering facets like this is hard to come by.  Striking, cool to the touch, and brings beauty into any space.  You will receive the exact item shown in the photo.

It’s so fun to have a crystal like this and physically see nature’s flex in tangible form.  Clusters radiate vibes outwardly and evenly in all directions, making them gentle and dreamy—though you will sense that once you’re in their presence.

Size: 3″ x 3″ x 3″ | 1.4 lbs


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what we've learned

Amethyst has the ability to instantly upgrade the energy of any space, gently cleansing auric fields. Amethysts have been a prized crystal throughout time and space and regarded in present day as one of the most powerful and spiritual crystals known.  The rich and varying purple hues are the ultimate flex of pigmentation, vibing at high frequencies such dimension carries.

In the 1700’s people drank alcohol with Amethyst in hopes they’d avoid becoming drunk. Before that, Ancient Egyptians used heart-shaped Amethysts to cover corpses of their entombed Pharaohs.  Royals, bishops, and noblemen throughout history have adorned Amethysts or incorporated them into jewelry to symbolize wealth, power, and authority.

We use Amethyst today to tune into our own inner power and authority and to gain clarity over incessant thoughts.  Meditate with Amethyst for tranquility over the mind and a deep cleanse from mental chatter. Place a cluster of Amethyst in any space that feels energetically stagnate, low, or in need of a boost.


~ Effortless sparkle ~

~ Come Correct ~

~ Divine Powerhouse ~

~ My presence is my flex ~

~ Transmuting it all ~

~ I’m My Own Favorite ~