Power up with high grade polished Carnelian puffy gallets from Madagascar, rich in color with a .75″+ pillow (thickness) and between 1.5″ – 2.4″ diameter.


Carnelian vibes with vitality, pep, and sexy luxury.  Some of the first known jewelry includes ancient Carnelian beads that were etched by humans with symbolistic designs meant to harness good luck the stone was said to bring.


A stone of vigor and clarity, use Carnelian to help get your creative juices flowing, aid in concentration, and/or to support you in putting yourself out there.

Caution:  Sensuality may be heightened. 


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what we've learned

Carnelian has long been associated with luck, protection, and status, having been used as a burial amulet by Ancient Egyptians who placed Carnelian on the throat of mummy’s to invoke protection as they journeyed through dead-life.

Carnelian was also used protectively by Napoleon III, who wore a Carnelian talisman on his watch believing it provided protection, only for him to survive multiple assassination attempts.  Ultimately Napoleon III gifted the Carnelian to his son to adorn but he wore it begrudgingly, flippantly denying belief in Carnelian’s protective power and dismissing it all as a superstition.  He was killed shortly thereafter and the Carnelian was stolen, never to be recovered.

Today we use Carnelian to tap into our inner voice and gain clarity over our thoughts so that we may embrace our own authority or in the very least, ooze sex appeal.



~ Engine Revved ~

~ Nouns Into Verbs ~ 


~ Rooted & Owning It ~

~ Studs On Black Leather ~

~ Wild & You Like It ~

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