Hard find! Swazi Bloodstone Specimens


The striking red pigment on our Swazi Bloodstone specimens looks like splattered paint but it’s not, it’s just mother nature with a flex like ouu!


And if it seems that everything we carry is marked “rare item” then your impression is right, thanks for noticing, as we are OBSESSED with curating unicorns and these rough Swazi Bloodstones from South Africa are an example of why, as the mineral deposit is no longer mined and old batches like these seldom resurface.


Bloodstone is an energy super source thought to clear away major obstacles and transmute soul sucking energy into the vitality and gusto that allows us to carpe deim all day every day!  These are top-shelf large specimens and offered individually; pick the exact Bloodstone that connects with you!



Bloodstone is famous for its red spots which in Medieval times was thought to have been caused by drops of blood falling off of a crucified Jesus Christ and dripping on a martyr’s jasper amulet.


Bloodstone is considered a powerful stone for benevolent individuals and a magical source of favor that when used in ritual, could banish all obstacles and give life to intentions set by a mystic.


Bloodstone has been used to carve important depictions with sacred significance throughout ancient times as it was thought the powers of Bloodstone contained special activations.


4th Century texts outline Bloodstone’s use to conjure rain and influence weather patterns. Ancient Greeks used Bloodstone to bring endurance to their battles, favor of the gods, and to protect themselves from venomous creatures.


We can use Bloodstone to ground ourselves in divine protection, trusting that any situation we perceive to be negative can be cleared through the power of acceptance.  Place Bloodstone in any space that represents an area of your life you feel blocked or are struggling with to encourage high-powered renewal.


Please note that the photos used in our product listings represent a portion of our inventory and unless our product description state otherwise, the item you receive may vary slightly in color, shape, size, and pattern, as each stone/crystal/mineral is unique and one of a kind.

You are def getting the one pictured in the photos!!!!!!  One of a kind mega awesome piece ahhhh!!!!



Please note that I do not offer color or heat-treated rocks or crystals.  It’s not my thing.  I’m into Earth produced materials and only sell what I believe in.  I’m also mindfully particular about where and who I source crystals from and spend a ton of time obsessively curating each specimen to ensure brand alignment.  I refuse to sell lab grown or questionable materials just for the sake of having bulk product; I’d rather offer limited amounts of high-quality items because we deserve nice things that are sourced in a safe, meaningful, and healthy way. xoxo

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