So happy you’re here and possibly even curious about the term “energy wellness” and what it means!  This is where you’ll find info about what it means to be “energetically well” and periodic updates to share practices and tools that will help you develop energy sensing skills.  Xo

Let’s Explain

Having healthy energy is to live in a state of alignment with the sum of your being.  You feel healthy, self-confident, and grounded because your mental, emotional, physical, and life energy are all in congruence.  When your energy is well, it envelops you like a shroud of strong, loving protection spread evenly around your body.  Your mood doesn’t shift based on the insignificant words or actions of someone or something else.  Your vibes are high frequency and you’re able to detect low vibes that can then be accepted, cleansed, or even disintegrated upon contact through your high-quality energy boundaries.  

And as a result of living in a state of awareness and actively sensing the state of your own personal auric field to maintain alignment, you strengthen your senses, receive intuitive gifts you didn’t even know you had, and enjoy a more harmonious and fulfilling human experience.